Dezhou Daily Website (Dezhou was founded in September 2005, and put into operation in April 2006. After 13 years of development, Dezhou Daily Website has become the only comprehensive portal which held the qualification of news. Now, the website offers more than 20 specialized channels, including news, health, education, video, finance, tourism, etc, has network politics, Spring Festival Gala Network and many other brand columns, and launches interactive platform in wechat and microblog. Dezhou 24 Hour app, technologically supported by the website, extends the influence of Dezhou Daily.

Dezhou serves as an important network window into Dezhou, covering more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The number of daily PV has increased to about 1 million, in which 70% readers in Dezhou and surrounding areas. Supported by the abundant news in Dezhou Daily, the website uploads local news in Dezhou daily and Dezhou Evening News every day, makes and publishes digital newspaper. In this way, the website extends the influence of newspaper, and reaches an conversion between newspaper readers and online fans, further enhancing the click rate and dependence degree of the website. At present, dozens of local websites, such as Dezhou Government network, Dezhou propaganda network, reprint local news of Dezhou Daily Website, as well as provincial websites, like public network, Shandong News network, and national websites, like Xinhua and People’s Daily Online.

In recent years, Dezhou Daily Website has successively gained many reputations like China’s the most popular party paper website, national content diversification management model website, national popular local website, the most outstanding contribution award of China new media local portal. Dezhou 24 Hour app, developed independently by the Website, was awarded the title of China's most promising citizen app at the 5th China’s Internet Brand Awards. Network politics, the omnimedia platform project, was awarded as Top 50 new media projects in Chinese newspaper at the First China Press New Media Development Conference on October 16, 2014. With the guidance of municipal committee and municipal government, Dezhou Daily Website has grown into the important network public opinion position.